17th Century Celestial Globe

Willem Janszoon Blaeuw 17th Century Wood and brass structure

Truscan Burial Caldron

Necropolis of Sorbe in Cerveteri, 675 BC Cooper

Bucker’s Kruzifixus

Gerhard Heinrich Bucker 1970s Wood and gold leaf

Ushabti Box

Egypt 1070- 712 BC decorated wooden yellow coffin

Truscan Ritual Brazier

Necropolis of Vulci 4th Century BC

Madonna and Child

14th Century painted wood

Two Painted Globes

Guilejelmus Janssonius Blaeu 1571 Inlaid papier-mache, wood and brass support system

Two Cabinets with Windows

Luigi Valdier and Andrea Mimmi 1781-1997 Inlaid exotic woods, ivory, glass, quartz, crystal, marble, and bronze

Brazier and Oven Rake

Etruscan Fourth Century B.C. Bronze

Statue of a Male

Late First Century B.C. Hollow cast bronze