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This month’s newsletter features an invitation from the New York chapter of the patrons to a lecture by Vatican Museums director, Dr. Barbara Jatta. The event will be hosted at the MET Museum in New York and will be an excellent opportunity for anyone able to make it. Also this month we have photos from our successful summer social and a testimony from one of our own NW Patrons on her recent trip to Rome. Finally, we would like to remind you to please complete your renewal to the Patrons by September 30. Thank you!

Lecture by Director of the Vatican Museums, Dr. Barbara Jatta


The New York Chapter has invited us to a lecture by the Director of the Vatican Museums Dr. Barbara Jatta on “Leonardo’s ‘Saint Jerome’ as Emblem of the Vatican Museums Today.” The lecture will take place on September 20, at the MET Museum and would be an excellent opportunity for any Patrons who will be in (or can make a trip to) New York. See the link below for more information and to register for this exciting event.

At the end of August, the NW Patrons enjoyed a warm and relaxing social at the home of Rick and Lisa Altig. Many members had the chance to catch up with folks they had not seen in a while. We shared a wonderful lunch and drinks on the pool patio. After lunch Rick Altig and Gabe Hanzeli updated the group on the completion of the Aura restoration and the Bramante Staircase restoration. Information about our two upcoming restorations of the Bramante courtyard west wall and the Lakes area of the Vatican gardens was also shared. The chapter thanks Rick and Lisa for their kind hospitality!

This past year some of our NW Patrons were able to visit Rome and had a wonderful tour of the Vatican Museums. Ginny Larner and her family- Correy, Saige, Danielle, and Virginia, along with her father Ed–said the tour of the Vatican Museums was a special highlight to their trip. Their tour included stops in the Sistine Chapel, the Raphael Rooms, the Gallery of Maps, and finished in the Vatican Gardens, where they could see the retirement home of Pope Emeritus Benedict. Ginny’s daughter, Danielle was studying at the Loyola John Felice campus and, while she had visited the Vatican several times before, she said she had never experienced it as she did on the tour with Annarita.
“The work that has been completed and continues to be done in order to preserve the Chapel and the art is incredible. We feel so fortunate there is a community able to help ensure these restoration projects continue so future generations can enjoy these works of genius.”

Please email the NW Patrons if you are interested in booking a tour of the Vatican Museums.

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