This is a North West Chapter Event

It is our pleasure to share with you exciting news from the Vatican regarding our Chapter’s current project, Hermes

During a previous restoration in the second half of the 1900s, a new iron nail was placed in Hermes in order to provide more stability. The shape of this nail did not suite the original spot created to allocate it, resulting in potential damage for the statue. For the past several months, our wonderful restorer, Massimo Bernacchi, has been working on the tedious and careful removal of the nail in the right leg of Hermes.

In this picture, you can see the statue secured with ropes to prevent any further damage or cracking in the marble due to its weight. The cables are outfitted with sensors that inform the restorer about any potential damage during the process.

After tireless work and the utilization of special machines from the Scientific Research Laboratory, which recorded the vibrations within the statue, Massimo has successfully removed the nail! For this phase, Hermes was moved to a horizontal position, which you can see in the pictures and video below

The goal for Hermes’ complete restoration is May 2016!

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