This is a North West Chapter Event

On Friday March 18, the NW Patrons enjoyed a special lecture by Dr. Robert C. Stacey, Dean of the University of Washington’s College of Arts and Sciences. The event took place at the Henry Art Gallery on the UW campus and began with a social hour where members and their guests had the opportunity to meet or re-acquaint with other members.

Dean Stacey’s lecture, From Images to Words: A 16th Century Revolution, put into perspective the transition of pre- and post- reformation European religious doctrinal thought. During the Middle Ages and before, religious thought centered more on how faith made one feel and the interpersonal relationship with God. After the Reformation religious thought focused on rules and more literal, structured theology. As a visual example, in the middle ages artists depicted the crucifixion with Roman soldiers in contemporary armor. After the Council of Trent (1545 – 1563) artists only depicted the crucifixion with Roman soldiers in biblical garb.


The lecture was followed by the traditional question and answer period, which was almost more interesting than his lecture. As one would expect, his answers were thoughtful and reflective of his scholarship, but it also demonstrated his personality and sense of humor. He was able to laugh along with the audience and engage them in some interactive discussion.

To conclude the evening, Rick Altig thanked Dr. Stacey and presented him with an honorary certificate and a one-year membership in the NW Chapter.

– photos by Coty Yodoff

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