This is a North West Chapter Event

It’s not often a chapter as new as ours already gets to celebrate a 30th Anniversary, but in October 2013, 12 members of NW PAVM did just that.

Brian and Pamela Allen, Rick and Lisa Altig, Gabe and Katie Hanzeli, Tom and Gail James and their son, Tom, Ron and Angela Souza and Cassandra Webster had the opportunity to meet over 300 PAVM representatives from other chapters in the United States, Canada and Europe. Here’s a quick summary of their densely packed schedule:

Wednesday (evening)
Opening Reception in the Giardino Quadrato followed by guided tours of the Museo Missionario Etnologico and the Padiglione delle Carrozze.

Thursday (morning)
Presentations on the various restoration and conservation techniques used in the Vatican Museums at the Paul VI Audience Hall and Synod Meeting Rooms.

Thursday (evening)
Guided tour of the Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls and excavations, private mass, dinner along the Appian Way.

Friday (morning)
Presentations in the Aula delle Benedizioni, followed by tours of Sala Regia, Sala Ducale, and the Cappella Paolina.

Friday (evening)
Reception in the Cortile della Pinacoteca followed by a dinner in the Pinocoteca.

Saturday (morning)
Private audience with Pope Francis.

Saturday (evening)
Vespers in the Sistine Chapel, Reception in the Gallery of Maps and Gala Dinner in the the Chiaramonte Gallery.

Sunday (morning)
Private Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica followed by al fresco lunch at the Villa Miani, overlooking Rome.

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